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SAP FICO Syllabus

SAP Overview

  • Ø Introduction to ERP And SAP
  • Ø History of SAP
  • Ø Organization
  • Ø Technology
  • Ø Implementation Tools (Asap and Solution Manager)
  • Ø System Landscape
  • Ø Roles And Responsibilities of a Consultant
  • Ø Types of Projects
  • Ø Change Transport System


Course Overview


  • Ø Navigation
  • Ø Organizational Elements, General Ledger’s and Postings.
  • Ø Currencies
  • Ø Bank Accounting
  • Ø Accounts Payables & Accounts Receivables
  • Ø Asset Accounting
  • Ø Closing Operations
  • Ø Reports
  • Ø General Controlling
  • Ø Cost And Revenue Element Accounting
  • Ø CostCenter Accounting
  • Ø Internal Orders
  • Ø ProfitCenter Accounting
  • Ø Product Costing
  • Ø Profitability Analysis ( CO-PA)
  • Ø Integration With the Other Modules




  • Ø Logging on to the R/3 System
  • Ø Screen Elements
  • Ø Creating Favorites
  • Ø Adding Transaction to Favorites


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