JS – JavaScript

1. Fundamentals of Javascript

1. About Javascript Tutorial

2. Important Points about Javascript

3. Why Javascript!

2. Overview of Javascript

1. History of Javascript

2. First Program in Javascript, Hello World

3. Places to put JavaScript code

4. Comments in Javascript

5. Output Display in Javascript

3. Data Types in Javascript

1. Data Types Introduction

2. Numbers

3. Booleans

4. JavaScript Strings

4. Variable in Javascript

1. Variable Introduction

2. Local and Global

5. Operators in Javascript

1. Operators Introduction

6. Decision Making of Javascript

1. Decision Making Introduction

7. Loop control in Javascript

1. Loop Control Introduction

8. Control Flow in Javascript

1. break statement

2. continue statement

9. Array in Javascript

1. Array Introduction

10. Function in Javascript

1. Function Introduction

2. Closure

11. String and String functions in Javascript

1. String Introduction

12. Recursion in Javascript

1. Recursion Introduction

13. OOP Concept

1. Oop Concept Introduction

14. DOM Manipulation

1. Introduction to DOM

2. DOM Selectors for Single Elements

3. DOM Selectors for Multiple Elements

4. Traversing the DOM

5. Creating new HTML elements


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