Python Course Syllabus

1. Introduction to Python Language
2. Download & Install Python
3. Python Language Syntax
4. Python Keywords and Identifiers
5. Python Comments
6. Python Variables
7. Python Data Types
8. Python Operators
9. Python Control Flow – Decision Making
10. Python Control Flow – Looping
11. Python Control Flow – Branching
12. Python Numbers
13. Python Strings
14. Python Lists
15. Python Tuples
16. Python Sets
17. Python Dictionaries
18. Python Arrays
19. Python User-defined Functions
20. Python Built-in Functions
21. Python – Modules
22. Python User Input
23. Python IO – File Handling
24. Python Exceptions Handling
25. Python Date and Time
26. Python Regular Expressions
27. Python Classes and Objects
28. Python Methods
29. Python Constructors
30. Python Inheritance
31. Python Polymorphism
32. Python Abstraction
33. Python Encapsulation

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